Kurator-Position Mykologie im Chicago Field Museum

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  • Hallo liebe (Uni-)Mykologen,

    falls nicht sowieso schon in der Community bekannt, hier ein Job-Angebot eines Kurator-Postens mit Schwerpunkt Mykologie/Lichenologie im Chicago Field Museums

    *Collection Manager, Mycology & Lichenology, the Field Museum of Natural
    History in Chicago*
    The Field Museum of Natural History has an immediate opening for a Mycology/Lichenology Collections Manager. This
    full-time, permanent position reports to the Head of Botanical Collections in the Gantz Family Collections Center. The incumbent must have experience in Mycology/Lichenology with strong management skills, preferably with convincing taxonomic expertise. The Collection Manager is charged with overseeing the direct care, organization, and the management
    of approximately 250,000 specimens, based on best practices. The incumbent will be evaluated on their ability to build, care for, and ensure accessibility to the great wealth of specimens in the collection.
    The Museum particularly encourages applicants with a proven dedication to collections management. EMu is the Museum’s shared web accessible database platform. Candidates should either have experience with this database or another fully relational database system.

    This is a collection position. While there will be the opportunity to conduct research, this will be constrained by the management priorities of the collection. The Collections Manager will be expected to raise awareness of the collection
    among the general public and promote its use (either digital or actual) by the scientific community. In addition, depending on
    strategic priorities, the Collections Manager maybe expected to organize efforts to make new collections accessible for molecular research and develop a DNA barcode library of fungi and lichens.

    *Duties and Responsibilities*
    - Curation of physical specimens, including specimen preparation, organization, care, housing of specimens, and potentially DNA barcoding of new collections.
    - Conduct and coordinate the appropriate processing of new collections or existing collections including physical preparation, labeling, cataloguing, accessioning and loans.
    - Establishing priorities for collection care and management in coordination with curatorial and research staff.
    - Development and implementation of collections management policies that are aligned with best herbarium practices.
    - Provide collection access to the research community, including assisting researchers and students with the use of the
    - Digitization and continuing documentation of collections including databasing, capturing digital images of scientific labels and specimens, correspondence, archives, publications and loan records using the Emu collection management software.
    - Maintain electronic and digital records, including updating taxonomic and auxiliary information.
    - Provide support in terms of service to the Museum community, e.g., serving on committees.
    - Training and supervision of staff and volunteers in their collection related duties.
    - Develop grant proposals for collections improvements and other collection-based initiatives.
    - Collaboration including but not limited to other collections areas, research scientists, conservationists, exhibits and education, including funding opportunities.
    - Collaboration and liaison with external partners, e.g., Symbiota, iDigBio, GBIF.
    - Provide support for promotional and institutional advancement activities, including opportunities to engage with donors and participate in behind-the-scene tours.
    - Apply taxonomic expertise in identification of collections.

    - PhD (with an emphasis in Mycology and/or Lichenology) with collections experience is desirable, or, equivalent combination of education and experience, e.g., Masters in Biology (with an emphasis in Mycology and/or Lichenology) with at least 3 year’s collection experience.
    - A strong background in Mycology and Lichenology is required, including familiarity with other Mycology/Lichenology collections, researchers, and molecular lab work.
    - Knowledge of taxonomic principles and collection management.
    - Strong organizational skills necessary to keep collection accessible.
    - Supervisory skills necessary for directing collection personnel, including volunteers, students and interns.
    - Databasing and imaging skills highly desirable.

    Deadline for applications is July 31, 2018.

    To apply for this position online, follow this link to the Field Museum of Natural History website

    For more information contact Dr. Matt von Konrat, Head of Botanical Collections

    beste Grüße,