Neues über die Clitopilus-Rhodocybe-Klade

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  • Hallo in die Runde,

    nachstehend ein Auszug aus einem online vorveröffentlichten Paper (Kluting et al.) der Mycologia über die Gruppe der Räslinge und Tellerlinge zu eurer Information:


    Since no topological incongruence was detected when the three genes were analyzed individually, the results of the three-gene (atp6+rpb2+tef1) analysis are presented here. This multi-gene analysis provides strong support values for all nodes that constitute the backbone of the phylogeny as well as five well-resolved major clades (FIG. 1, A–E).

    The terminal Clitopilus clade (MLBS = 91, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, A) is comprised of two internal well-supported sister clades. One of the supported internal clades includes the pleurotoid species of Clitopilus (MLBS = 97, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, A1) and the second clade includes centrally stipitate Clitopilus species (MLBS = 100, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, A2). The Clitocella clade includes three species formerly classified as Rhodocybe [R. popinalis (Fr.) Singer, R. fallax (Quél.) Singer, and R. mundula (Lasch) Singer] with basidiospores obscurely ornamented with pustules (MLBS = 100, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, B). The Clitopilopsis clade contains multiple collections of R. hirneola (Fr.) P. D. Orton, a species with an obscurely bumpy ornamentation on thick walled basidiospores (MLBS = 100, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, C). The Rhodocybe clade contains a diverse assemblage of Rhodocybe species, including the type species for the genus, R. caelata (Fr.) Maire, that have prominent pustulate ornamentations arranged randomly on the basidiospore walls and lack hyphal clamp connections (MLBS = 99 BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, D). The Rhodophana clade comprises species classified as Rhodocybe that have abundant hyphal clamp connections and basidiospores with prominent pustules on the basidiospore walls (MLBS = 100, BPP = 1.0; FIG. 1, E).

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    Gruß, Andreas