Terms Of Use

  1. The administrators and moderators exercise the house right for the operator of this discussion platform. By registering or using your user account, you grant them the right to move, edit, block or remove posts at their own discretion.

    The following rules apply to all users, regardless of their membership or position within the society:

    1. No pornographic, inhuman or offensive content
    2. No unsolicited advertising (e.g. spam, affiliate links)
    3. No encouragement to dangerous actions (e.g. consumption recommendation of poisonous mushrooms)
    4. No publishing of personal data of third parties, if unpublished (e.g. real names, hobbies)
    5. No publishing of personal messages (e.g. conversations, e-mails)
    6. No copyright infringements (e.g. plagiarism, picture theft)
    7. No images from external sources (GPDR related)
    8. No escalation-promoting contributions

    Users who violate these terms of use will be warned and in the event of repeated violations will be temporarily or permanently excluded from using certain areas or the entire forum („house ban“).

    These terms of use can be changed at any time.

(Last update: Aug 27th 2018, 9:06 pm)


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